Reset your Android tablet: How it works?

Although we all prefer not to see it happen it can happen that you get stuck tablet stops responding or may not even unbootable.  Resetting the tablet is often the only solution.  In addition, it is wise to turn to factory settings if you want to sell the device. Tablet you back  In this article we briefly explain how to reset the situations listed above. An Android tablet

Soft or hard reset your tablet?

You can reset a tablet in different ways and restore to factory settings.  There is a soft reset that not all the data on your tablet is removed but your tablet using the software or a reset button to restart.  There is also a hard reset which you completely reset the tablet to factory settings.  This latter option is often only necessary if you want to sell a tablet and delete all your data or if you no longer true with a soft reset.

Soft reset

As said in a soft reset you lose any data you have on your tablet but it is possible for a progress in a game that was not saved is playing.  Generally a soft reset without risk and is particularly used when something crashes or the system is not performing optimally more.  A soft reset can be done in different ways.

Reset using buttons on your tablet

So you can keep the standby button until the tablet will restart again.  If that does not work many tablets have a special reset button, a small hole in the housing that you can press. Example with a paper clip also this button, which sometimes just to be pressed, causes the tablet restarts.  But even that is not all because manufacturers use different ways to start a tablet. ‘Forced’ re-  For example the Google Nexus 7 possible simultaneously both the standby button and volume buttons and so forced to start when this is not possible with a simple press of the standby button the tablet.  It is therefore advisable here to search for these additional way or Googling for experiences of others. In the manual of your tablet for all methods, however, we recommend you to explain when you go to work. Tablet to the charger

Hard reset

Also a hard reset can be done in different ways, but it should be made clear that all your data on your Android tablet stand is lost, including contacts, documents and applications.  You put your tablet is returned to the factory settings, the settings on the tablet were when you purchased it.  However applies here an exception for because when you have an Android update, for example of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, conveys it will always have the most recent version used to boot, even if you have a Custom ROM installed.  You will then not return to the Android version which was delivered the tablet.  As for the other applications you have always the possibility to download without having to pay again. Certain apps it again from the Google Play Store

Make a backup!

Important, If you have a soft reset does not come out, they want to perform a hard reset, make a backup of your tablet, including include files, documents and contacts.


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