Sony Ericsson working on a 5

Sony Ericsson working on a 5

Are Androidpowered 5inch phone tablets growing in number? sounds so, most definitely after the Dell Streak just launched in the UK. Sony Ericsson is typically (Rumored that can be) getting in that game with a 5inch Android tablet with QWERTY, Which also has phone perform.

The form factor of the Sony Ericsson tablet is like HTC Advantage. The screen slides out and tilts so much that the thing looks more like a mininetbook. the device has a 5inch screen (With yet unknown rez) Not that much smaller than the 7inch screen of the main EEE PC.

But wait the perfect phone too. It runs android 2.1 with supposedly no plans for a recent 2.2 Froyo update. the device is just a prototype, But Sony Ericsson still have the Androidrunning XPERIAs to update, So this sounds quite plausible. speaking of XPERIA, This new tablet/phone is supposedly comparable size as the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 (by using a 4.0inch projection screen).

via your badly anonymized photo, It looks like the Sony Ericsson phone tablet will have a keyboard with four or five rows, might be even five.

The iPad proved there’s a niche for 10inch tablets, But could there really be room for the “not yet a phone, really not a tablet” Midway devices just like it and the Dell Streak?

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