Tablet PC: Pros and Cons

In this day and age of technology, one of the most popular gadgets is the tablet PC.
Just like everything else, a tablet PC has pros and cons.
Probably the most obvious advantage of a tablet PC is its portability. Because of their small size, they can easily be taken anywhere, especially during travel. Tablet PCs can conveniently be placed inside purses, too. And because of their small size, they weight a lot less than laptops and netbooks, too.
Tablet PCs also have long battery lives. In fact, at full capacity, they can be used for up to 10 hours, nonstop. This is a far cry from the 5-hour maximum battery life of netbooks and notebooks.
Tablet PCs also have a flexible touch screen interface that you can choose to place in landscape or portrait, depending on your preference. They are also capable of handwriting recognition, usually with the use of a stylus or a digital pen, which is useful when writing down notes.
However, due the tablet PCs small size, it will be quite difficult to examine closely whatever is displayed on the screen. Focusing too much on something so small can cause eye fatigue, all the more if you are using the tablet for an extended period of time.
Tablets can also double as a GPS navigation system that you can simply place inside your car. This is convenient during travel.
There are also a lot of available accessories for tablets, which you can use to maximize its features. One example is a USB keyboard, which you can use when you have a lot of typing to do and there are no available laptops or desktop computers nearby.
But although the tablet offers a wide selection of applications, it still cannot compare to the capabilities of your laptop or personal computer. For one, tablets are also more expensive compared to netbooks or notebooks with almost similar features.
Some tablets, like the iPad, do not allow storage expansion. According to Apple, this limitation was intended as a security measure to prevent the duplication of data and/or applications on the iPad. As it is, there are no ports for SD cards. Your only options will be a larger internal memory space. Aside from this, there is no way you can play a CD or DVD on your tablet since it does not come with an optical drive.
Also, tablet PCs are highly susceptible to damage. You can use a screen protector or a leather or plastic or rubber case to prevent this but remember that you will likely be carrying your tablet often. So really, you can only do so much to protect your tablet from scratches, cracks, blown backlight bulbs, and bad sensors.
Yes, tablet PCs are remarkable devices. Bear in mind that the tablet PC pros depend on what you will be using the device for. At the end of the day, the decision of whether or not you will need a tablet is completely up to you. So think about it first.

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